Tom Rossiter


President, RESAAS

Tom is President at RESAAS, a professional social network for the real estate industry. RESAAS provides real estate agents with a platform to be social online for the purpose of generating business... a place to discover, connect, learn, market, refer and network with other agents... locally, nationally and around the world. In his role as President, Tom oversees the engineering, communication, growth marketing and sales teams at RESAAS, as well as the product roadmap and new business development opportunities.    Prior to joining RESAAS, Tom was Managing Director at Lightmaker, an award winning global digital agency. During his eight year tenure at Lightmaker, Tom led teams in Europe, North America and Asia in the scoping, design and successful implementation of digital solutions for multiple verticals, managing and collaborating with brands such as Adobe, IBM, IKEA, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. Tom is considered an expert in the management and delivery of digital solutions across the web, desktop and mobile fields. Tom is also a renowned Subject Matter Expert in accessibility, particularly bringing advanced accessible capabilities to Rich Internet Applications.