REach® Insight Panel FAQ


Access new, flexible sources of capital to quickly and efficiently fund your next real estate loan with our simple online lending platform.

AssetAvenue is an online peer-to-peer lending platform for commercial real estate loans, providing borrowers and brokers quick and reliable access to competitively priced loans while offering accredited and institutional investors the potential to earn attractive returns. 


The August Smart Lock redefines home access with a safe, simple and social system that revolutionizes home entry

August is a technology company building products that make life simpler by allowing physical environments to seamlessly respond to people’s behavior.


Providing real estate partners the ability to help consumers save for a home down payment.

BoostUp is a down payment savings platform that helps consumers save for their next home purchase.  Real estate partners engage with future home buyers early in the shopping process and help them reach their down payment goal with a savings reward.


On Demand Personal Security And Protection

The GuardLlama is your wireless personal security and protection device system that alerts police of your exact location through the push of a button.


HomeDiary allows homeowners to visualize their home in 3D, log inventory, document maintenance and improvements, and track ideas. We provide an opportunity for real estate agents to stay in touch with clients for life in a relevant way -- while homeowners manage their most valuable asset. Powered by FloorPlanOnline, the inventor of the Interactive Floor Plan Virtual Tour, HomeDiary helps people Dream, Manage and Do more with their home.


Industry leading energy efficiency app, that provides a clear picture of a home’s energy use and a personalized path to lower utility bills, increased energy efficiency, available rebates, and a higher home value. Founded in 2014, HomeSelfe was created as a patent pending technology by Energy Datametrics, one of the leading providers of cutting-edge energy efficiency software and technology services to over 155 power companies in the US.  



Build better relationships with your prospects and customers through thoughtful gifting

Loop & Tie provides a platform for brokers to send thoughtful gifts for customer engagement, allowing recipients to pick from a collection artisanal products. Save time by not having to pick an individual gift, gain insight by tracking the relationship online.

Loop & Tie

Streamline your transactions using the world’s only fully online notary service

NotaryCam offers the only online eClosing solution built upon its unique online notary platform, so closing real estate deals is faster, more secure, and more convenient than ever before

NotaryCam is a home services marketplace where customers get instant price estimates for home projects, find trusted Pros and schedule appointments online

At we've made it our mission to simplify home services—especially the up-front research before a project even starts. As homeowners, we were frustrated with the time and effort it took to figure out how much a project would cost, find home services professionals with the right qualifications and work ethic, and dealing with the hassle of back-and-forth phone calls, scheduling, and getting the work done

RealScout is a web and mobile platform that allows real estate agents to work with clients to select the perfect home.  RealScout’s natural language technology allows users to search for listings using value added features such as open floor plans, large backyard, or close to public transportation.


Sindeo has rebuilt the home financing experience from the ground up, making it simpler and more transparent. We’re helping real estate pros qualify more clients and close more deals.



Win more exclusive commercial deals with actionable, timely and accurate sales intelligence

TermScout helps commercial real estate professionals and enterprise sales teams increase revenue by providing accurate, timely and actionable sales intelligence within your market. TermScout utilizes advanced data aggregation and analytics to provide cloud-based software that allows enterprise sales professionals and marketers to focus on selling their service offering, rather than researching vast quantities of data


When you set up an appointment with a stranger, how can you be sure that they are who they say they are or even whether they are a dangerous criminal? Typical identity-check services rely upon easily faked driver’s licenses and can cost up to $60. Trust Stamp combines photographic and driver’s license data with over 200 public records and social media sites. Our patented system deploys the analytical and secure-data resources of IBM Watson & the Ethereum Blockchain to provide you with better-than-bank levels of reliability and security at only $1.99 per registered client.


VA Loan Captain provides Realtors with a comprehensive set of personalized tools allowing them to attract military and veteran home buying customers. We also provide exclusive veteran buyer referrals to our Home Captain network agents who pass our stringent network guidelines.



We provide customers with one highly intuitive system, at one low price that enables agents to streamline the sales transaction process through a single, fully integrated toolset and provide brokers insights into real estate transactions, with better collaboration, communication and transparency for all parties.


  • What is it?

Agents and brokers can take their business to the next level as part of the REach® Insight Panel where participants will receive first access to the new technologies introduced by REach® companies.  REach® Insight Panelists are provided with free test accounts.  Panelists choose one or more REach®  companies to work with and will receive exclusive discounts from the companies in exchange for providing feedback on their experience.  The commitment is small and experience to shape customized products very rewarding. 

  • How much time will it take?

You choose one or more REach® Companies to 'test' and the companies will have a short user experience for you to try out.  Once you go through the experience we will ask you a few short survey questions and that is it!  Each company experience should take between 5 and 10 minutes.  

  •  Where and when does it take place?

You can do testing from the convenience of your own home...or work...or car (please not while driving)... or wherever you may be!

The Insight Panel testing period is typically launched in the summer months and closes on September 30th of every year.

  • Do I get anything to be part of the Insight Panel?

The test accounts are free - you have the chance to try out these technologies free before most others see them.  Your feedback will directly shape the companies products and offerings so that the end result are products that are perfect just for you.  Each company also has an exclusive offering just for Insight Panelists. 

  • How do I sign up?

Visit to apply

  • Who are the REach® 2015 companies?