REach® Class of 2018


ActivePipe is an email marketing automation platform built for the real estate industry.


High quality photo editing, virtual staging, floor plan redraws, and CGI renders at unbeatable prices.

Offers a mobile, on-demand lead routing technology that allows agents to instantly and safely connect with consumers.  


Professional, full-service transaction coordination backed by modern technology that saves time, enhances compliance and dramatically improves client service. 


Like  a  Fitbit  for  agents'  financial  performance, Hurdlr helps  agents  hit  their  GCI  and  net  income  goals  by  providing  automated  tracking  and  proactive  guidance.


A compliance checklist in an Agent app that gives consumers process transparency, accountability and instantaneous communication that earns an Agent their trust.


 A browser-based transaction management system, which brings all the parties of buying a house and getting a mortgage into a single unified portal where all communication, updates, information, and documentation collection is automated.


The turn-key HyperLocal marketing system for agents, teams, and brokerages that generates listings and increases commissions.