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Centriq is a whole new way to manage your most important asset; your home. Centriq makes it easy to use, repair or maintain your home and everything in it. 


The most complete and accurate source of residential valuations and analytics for every block and property in the U.S., and is used by agents to become differentiated, trusted advisors to their clients.

HouseCanary is a complete indexed source for residential real estate information for every block and property in the U.S. We use models and enduring data relationships to accurately see into the future. Our team of PhD statisticians and data scientists use the latest in machine learning and predictive analytics to understand relationships. We build models that have and continue to work accurately over the last 40 years. With great data and predictive tools we can be much better prepared for the future.


House Canary

Notarize is the first digital notarization platform that allows businesses and individuals to collect and notarize documents anywhere, anytime online


Occly provides wearable safety alarm systems that help protect real estate agents and their properties from threat. Because our product is portable, it can be worn for personal protection or placed in the building for property protection.


Pearl's proprietary certification system and suite of marketing tools enable real estate agents to meet the rapidly growing market demand for efficient, high-performing homes. Pearl captures technical data on a home's performance features to create a certification package that realtors can market, buyers want, appraisers can value, and buyers want.


We provide real estate and home service professionals technology tools that digitize their everyday tasks, allowing them to leverage their insider knowledge as a means to market themselves and convert new customers. 


Trusted Mail requires a facial-biometric sign-in with proprietary proof of life to create and send a secure e-mail and either the possession of a private key or a facial-biometric sign-in from the authorized recipient to open and decrypt the e-mail. 

Trusted Mail